Sand Wars – La guerra por la arena

The other day I was talking to my friend Ana about the documentary “The Man Who Stopped the Desert” and she recommended me to watch the documentary entitled “Sand Wars”. This documentary deals with the overexploitation of this natural resource worldwide. I had not realized that sand is used so massively daily, but I must…… Continue reading Sand Wars – La guerra por la arena

The man who stopped the desert – El hombre que paró el desierto

I just saw this documentary and it shocked me a lot. “The man who stopped the desert” (1080 Film, 2010) tells the plan to replant an almost desert region in northern Burkina Faso, carried out by Yacuba Sawadogo, a farmer with the dream of saving the land. One of the phrases of Yacuba and that…… Continue reading The man who stopped the desert – El hombre que paró el desierto

Solar roof tiles – Tejas Solares

They have been in the market since about 2010 and today they are still unknown to many people, we are talking about solar roof tiles. These tiles are fitted with a small photovoltaic plate that allows the production of electricity or domestic hot water. Its main advantages are: Esthetic and physical adaptation to the roofs…… Continue reading Solar roof tiles – Tejas Solares

Freak inventions – Sustainable energy

I have been thinking for a couple of days and I have decided to start a serie of entries related to new inventions that would reduce the energy consumption of homes or communities and open doors to new ideas. These inventions can be newly created or a simply new interpretation. I am sure some of…… Continue reading Freak inventions – Sustainable energy